Controstoria del Liberalismo

One of Europe's leading intellectual historians deconstructs liberalism's dark side. In this definitive historical investigation of the formation of liberalism from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, Domenico Losurdo overturns complacent and self-congratulatory accounts by showing that, from its very origins, liberalism and its main thinkers—Locke, Burke, Tocqueville, Constant, Bentham, Siey├Ęs and others—have been bound up with the defense of the thoroughly illiberal policies of slavery, colonialism, genocide, racism and elitism. Losurdo probes the inner contradictions of liberalism, also focusing on minority currents that moved to more radical positions, and provides an authoritative account of the relationship between the domestic and colonial spheres in the constitution of a liberal order.


Domenico Losurdo
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Translated in English by:
with title: Liberalism. A Counter-history
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with title: Liberalismin musta kirja