Handbuch zur lateinischen Sprache des Mittelalters

It's the first of the ten books Handbuch zur Sprache des lateinischen Mittelalters published by Peter Stotz in five volumes between 1996 and 2004 in Muenchen for C.H. Beck. Much more than a simple introduction (as it's titled originally the book), it appears to be the most complete history of the medieval Latin language ever written; among the topics discussed: the Latin of Christians; the so-called Vulgar Latin; the individual language regions in the early Middle Ages; the interference between the Latin and other languages suche as Greek, Romance and Germanic languages; Latin as a spoken language; Latin in the transition between the Middle Ages and modern Age. Through its translation the Italian universities can thus have an adequate tool to orientate in an area as vast and diverse as that of the use of Latin among the so-called Late Antiquity and the birth of modern Europe.
Peter Stotz
Published in: 
Translated in Italian by:
with title: Il Latino nel Medioevo