Icone della legge

While from all sides the assumptions of any law are falling, the thinking tends to focus more and more, in every sphere, on the law itself.
This is a condition at the same time original and chronic of the Modern age: something that always seems to happen for the last time - and instead continues to happen every day. Massimo Cacciari has placed at the center of this book such a paradoxical and elusive situationin which we live today.
And, in our century, he isolated, in the most diverse fields - from mathematics (Brouwer) to law (Schmitt), from literature (Kafka) to painting (Malevich, Mondrian, Klee), from the artistic thinking (Florensky icon) to religious (Rosenzweig) - some examples of that stubborn butting against the same word: Law.

Massimo Cacciari
Published in: 
Translated in Spanish by:
with title: Iconos de la ley