Italiani nei lager di Stalin

We are in Moscow in the early thirties. In the shadow of the Kremlin lives a large community of Italian political emigrants and their families. Others have settled in different cities of the USSR. Accused of espionage, used as hostages to blackmail the government of their homeland, often simply victims of a climate of suspicion and misunderstanding, they undergoes the repression of the Stalin regime: a total of more than one thousand Italians executed, interned in concentration camps, confined, deported, deprived of civil rights and labor, marginalized.
This book recounts their lives, silent fragments of history, deliberately ignored or poorly understood. With historiographical rigor and bearing narrative, these pages will give it a complete rebuild, based on new material as a result of an extensive research conducted by the authors in the archives of the former Soviet Union.

Elena Dundovich, Francesca Gori
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