La (nuova) moda della moda

"Fashion is like oil and not like wine, aging does not improve but worsen. No one believes that a dress can be preserved in the bank waiting for its value increases." Yet, as much as by its nature ephemeral and in continuous innovation, fashion will not cease to affect our daily lives, human relationships and multiple aspects of the society. But which are the real motivations of fashion, its real players and promoters, its constants, its implications more genuinely human and daily? The questions raised almost ten years ago by Gillo Dorfles on artistic and social significance of the phenomenon reappear in this new edition of essays and articles by the author, enriched with new chapters on more recent phenomena and most distinctive and extravagant outcomes of fashion.
Gillo Dorfles
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Translated in Czech by:
with title: (Novà) mòda mòdy