L'estinzione dei tecnosauri

This book tells the fate of "technosaurs": obsolete artifacts or inventions that, despite having the possibilities to do it, never really established.
Why? It is true that the winners are always the best technology? Or that the new technologies send into retirement the old ones?
The answer, often surprisingly, is in the stories of these protagonists in reverse: flying machines, the camera roll, the Betamax video recording system, the pneumatic tube, the electric car, the vinyl record, the fax ...
The technosaurs are represented here by analogy with biological species, such as real species in competition for survival: their stories, fascinating and sometimes moving, expose the most common stereotypes about technology and suggest different readings of what our society could become, and it's not.

Nicola Nosengo
Published in: 
Translated in French by:
with title: L'extinction des technosaures