Oltre la Bibbia. Storia antica di Israele

The histories of ancient Israel are similar because they all look like all the history contained in the biblical text, they take the same story line and the same plot. This work brings the story of the birth of Israel in its historical reality, takes note of the results of textual criticism and literary, the contribution of archeology and epigraphy and it is designed according to the criteria of modern historical methodology. Starting from the observation that the biblical account is the result of a very late development, Liverani contains the textual materials at the time of drafting, reconstructs the evolution of political ideologies and religious progress of time, puts the history of Israel in its context of ancient East. In this way it can emerge the 'normal history' of the two small kingdoms of Judah and Israel, similar to that of many other small local kingdoms, and the 'fictional history', that the exiled Jews built during and after the exile in Babylon, projecting back on their history problems and hopes of their time. An important book that speaks to everyone.

Mario Liverani
Published in: 
Translated in Polish by:
with title: Nie Tylko Biblia