Storia del Cristianesimo

From its origins to today, the message of Jesus modified lifestyle choices and influenced languages ​​and cultures, laws and customs. Over time, the Christian churches have changed also through dramatic conflicts and ruptures, measured themselves in disputes and dialogues with Jews, pagans and Muslims, have entered in the fields of ethics, politics and law. This book covers the entire history of Christianity with an eye both to the development of ecclesiastical institutions and to the forms of faith believed and lived. From the first spreading of the Gospel message around the Mediterranean basin to the challenges of the third millennium, a fascinating and complete fresco.

Gian Luca Potestà teaches History of Christianity at the Catholic University of Milan.
Giovanni Vian teaches History of the Christian churches at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

Gian Luca Potestà, Giovanni Vian
Published in: 
Translated in Portoguese by:
with title: Historia do Cristianismo