Tarquin le Superbe

The most brutal, the most powerful of the kings of Rome, the one who built its greatest monuments and imposed on the Latins his power, will be considered by the Romans as a bloody tyrant. The memory of his domination alone will be enough to ward off forever the return of the monarchy.
But was the Superb really a tyrannical and cruel tyrant? Or is this the point of view of the winners, who wanted to take revenge on the Etruscan enemy and ruin their reputation after having destroyed his power and even his cultural identity? And yet, did the seven kings, of whom three Etruscans, really reign on Rome as Greek and Roman historians argue in chorus?
Following the various stages of a legend, that of a damned and superb Rome king, the author tries to discover the characteristics of a magnificent and cruel kingdom, as was the Etruscan monarchy of Rome, investigating the causes of his power.

Thierry Camous
Published in: 
Translated in Italian by:
with title: Tarquinio il Superbo