2011 Report

On this page SEPS shows the excerpts of the 2011 Report - SEPS for European Culture, the collection of the works translated thanks to SEPS contribution since its foundation to the present, distributed during the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair. The books are grouped together in 13 categories according to the different subjects. For every book you'll find the cover, the author, the original and the translating publisher, the languages involved in the translation.

On the attached excerpts you find the following sections:

I -THE ARTS: Art History and Criticism, Architecture, Aesthetics, Restauration, Music, Cinema, Town Planning / LAW: Law, Constitutional History

II - ECONOMICS & BUSINESS STUDIES: Economics, Marketing / PHILOSOPHY: Ancient and contemporary Philosophy, Theology

III - LITERATURE: Literature Studies, Linguistics, Classics / MEDICINE & BIOLOGY: Medicine, Biology, Genetics

IV - POLITICAL SCIENCE: Politics, European Studies / PSYCHOLOGY & PSYCHIATRY: Psychology, Psychiatry

V - HISTORY: History, Historiography, Historical Biographies

VI - SCIENCE: Zoology, Phytology, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, Evolution / HISTORY OF SCIENCE

VII - EARTH SCIENCES: Geology, Environment, Ecology, Geography / SOCIAL SCIENCES: Sociology, Anthropology, Pedagogy, Cultural Studies, Current Events

VIII - INDEXES: Original Titles Index / Author Index / Publisher Index / Index of Publisher by Country / Language Index