En Islam Iranien, vol. 2

Aspects spirituels et philosophiques, tome II: Sohrawardi et les platoniciens de Perse


Within the Islamic community, the Iranian world formed from the beginning a set understandable only if one considers the Iranian spiritual universe as a unity, before and after the Islam. Islamic Iran was the quintessential home of the greatest philosophers and mystics of Islam.
The monument that Henry Corbin presented here in four volumes of seven books is the result of over twenty years of research in Iran. His method is intended primarily phenomenological, not be related to a particular school. For him it's important to meet the religious fact showing the religious object as it shows itself. Any historical account will remain here immanent in that object, without imposing any foreign category, dialectical consideration or other.

Henry Corbin
Year of Publication
1991 (1971)
Translated in:
Mimesis (2015)
With the title:
Nell'Islam iranico vol. 2
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