Les Derniers Jours

Without any doubt the collapse of Roman civilization had neither uniformity nor the brilliance of which was pleased to adorn the romantic imagery. The disappearance of the Western Empire was the result of a violent flooding of the Roman territory by people who wanted to enjoy his wealth without adopting its disciplines. It became such a disaster as the history offers few examples.
Over a story full of drama, fury, reversals, from which emerge the great figures of Theodosius, Stilicho, Alaric, Galla Placida, Attila, Aetius, Michel De Jaeghere revives the decisive century between the irruption of the Goths in 376 and the imperial epilogue, one hundred years later, of Romulus Augustus. Portraying the society and institutions of late antiquity, like the barbarians who then urged the empire door, it analyzes the long process that saw the rise of the Germanic peoples within the Roman world, studying both military history and the political, economic and social factors which reduced the Roman authorities to impotence.
A way to understand the greatness and limits of ancient civilization and the causes of empires' death.

Michel De Jaeghere
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Translated in italiano by:
with title: Gli Ultimi giorni dell'Impero romano