Applying for a SEPS contribution for the translation of an Italian essay is simple, but there is a procedure that must be followed.

The application must be presented at the beginning of the editorial project.

The petitioning publisher has to go to our website and follow these steps:

1. Download the Application form

2. Fill in the Application Form and sign it (the paper or the online version)

3. Attach the following documents:

  • 2 copies of the signed Application Form;
  • 3 copies of the book to be translated (they can be sent to SEPS from the original publisher if necessary);
  • 1 copy of the copyright contract between the petitioning publisher and the copyright holder (or, at a first stage, a letter of intention);
  • 1 copy of the translation contract between the petitioning publisher and the translator (or, an estimate of costs);
  • Translator’s curriculum vitae;
  • The petitioning publisher’s most recent catalogue;
  • A press review of the book to be translated.

4. Send all by mail or e-mail to:
SEPS - Segretariato Europeo per le Pubblicazioni Scientifiche
Via Val d'Aposa 7 - 40123 Bologna - Italia


shipping of books and documents have to be delivered - FREE OF CHARGE - in the morning (time 9-12 a.m.) Monday to Friday

Contributions will be made exclusively for the cost of translation. Works already translated into the requested language and works of fiction will not be accepted.

Only on receipt of the application with all the necessary documents, will the selection procedure start. This lasts on average 150-200 days, after which we will respond to the petitioning publisher. The application for a contribution can be presented at any time during the year.

The only condition is that the publisher prints the SEPS logo on the back of the books dust jacket / back cover and an acknowedgement on the copyright page of the translated book.

Should the grant be approved, the contribution will be paid to the publisher only after the publication of the book, according to the rules on the SEPS contribution agreement, through a bank transfer in favour of the publisher.