Il Continente interiore

This book covers, in 52 stations of rest and reading (one for each week of the year), the memory of the Letters and of the Scriptures, in a setting of small parables and meditations, portraits and praises, paradoxes and soul's places; the books and the teachers forming the Twentieth century and the author are evoked through the light of affection, that raises and illuminates. A space of thought and meditation, from Vittore Branca to Max Milner, from Archangelos to Cingoli, from Sainte-Marie de la Tourette to the Sagrada Familia, that makes Europe a legacy rich of future. So the symbol where all the ways converge is the "bud": a promise, a beginning, a stem of hope - into the unfinished, into the Open.


Carlo Ossola
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Le Continent intérieur
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