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This volume, looking through the places in which Thomas Bernhard, through his characters, inquires himself about the problem of writing and his "failure", intends to shed light on the potential of "failure" itself, which can be considered as an opportunity to rethink the word throughout its theoretical thickness and as a reservoir of a possible sense. The failure in the writing enterprise of the work of life is the condition of the chance of the success, as silence is the horizon of the word itself, and not its negation. Within these coordinates we find, in Bernhard's narrative thought, the central and recurring theme of the writing task, which must be executed, even though it is not executable. What the Bernhardian anti-heroes face is always the white page: a place that is lacking of words, but also a questioning space about its origin. If looked in a proper perspective, that "white sheet" is the scene of the meeting (and clashing) of a constellation of themes: the relationship between existence and death, task and origin, truth and lie,  participation (to life) and representation (of life), extinction and production, memory and oblivion.

Micaela Latini
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Die Korrektur des Lebens
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