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Le straordinarie storie degli animali migratori

Our planet is crossed by billions of traveling animals. Small or large, alone or in a group, they travel tens of thousands of kilometers in flight, walking or swimming, facing difficulties and dangers, on treacherous paths that often cost them their lives. The giants of the world, the whales, migrate; some of the most graceful creatures, the butterflies, migrate; and also birds, terrestrial and flying mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects of all kinds and other invertebrates, such as unsuspected crabs. During this journey many undergo incredible transformations, others are as punctual as Swiss watches, others cover distances equivalent to three times the round trip to the Moon. But how do they get to their destination? How do they orient themselves and how do they manage to return every year exactly to the place where they were born? Above all, why do they migrate?

Francesca Buoninconti
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Translated in:
Libra (2022)
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Bez granic
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