La passione triste

It is the sin of Lucifer envious of man, that of Cain towards Abel, that of Jago towards Othello, but also that of Grimilde towards SnowWhite. If it is true that every vice entails pleasure, this does not apply to envy, the poison of the soul that generates torment and suffering: one suffers in the face of the good and happiness of others, experienced as a diminution of one's being and a sign of one's failure. Envy always comes from confrontation. Why he/she yes and I not ?, we ask ourselves by directing a malicious gaze on the other. A question that must remain secret, because it reveals our inferiority. From antiquity to modern and democratic societies, where envy finds its ideal humus, from the fairy tale to the present day tissue papers, the author recounts the metamorphosis of this "sad" passion, but not without violence, when it is transformed in resentment that pollutes relationships, weakens the ego, paralyzes the energies.

Elena Pulcini
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Translated in:
Anetta Antonenko Publishers (2023)
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