Controrivoluzione in Spagna

I carlisti nell’assemblea costituente (1869-1871)

Carlism is a subject very little frequented by Italian historians. It is a long-lasting and highly influential Spanish anti-liberal movement. He opposes to radical attempts to break the order, such as the revolution of September 1868 which interrupted the reign of the Bourbons for six years. An assembly is elected which writes a new Charter and designates the son of Vittorio Emanuele II, Amedeo, as king. Carlism reacts - as never before - on the terrain of non-violent political competition, while not abandoning weapons. The book looks at the topic from a new perspective, because it does not deal with the civil wars that the group unleashes, but with its institutional activity. Within the Constituent Assembly, it shows that it can effectively change as the times change, to continue to fight the novelties of the nineteenth century: it updates its practices and puts forward a much more articulated political proposal than one might expect from a reactionary formation.

Carlo Verri
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Translated in:
Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza (2023)
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