El fin del amor

Born and raised in an Orthodox Jewish community in the heart of Buenos Aires, Tamara Tenenbaum discovers and learns the emotional and sexual customs of the secular world as if she were an anthropologist grappling with an unknown civilization. Starting from feminist philosophy and militancy, from conversations with friends and colleagues, and from the attempt to transform one's body and experience into a laboratory for personal and collective reflection, Tenenbaum explores the challenges young people face at the beginning of their lives as adults. The "end of love" alludes to what happens when marriage or monogamous life is no longer a purpose in life. The creative destruction of romantic love and the postulates that support it, frees men and women in their relationships and from the ashes of that love it is possible to rebuild a new and satisfying life. From the value of friendship to the culture of consent, passing through motherhood as a choice or imperative, desired or abhorred celibacy, polyamory, open couples, the functioning of the technologies of desire (Happn, Tinder), and with a vast bibliography on these themes, Tamara Tenenbaum talks about everything to dive into the universe of affection, celebrate the end of romantic love and propose the eroticization of consent.

Tamara Tenenbaum
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La fine dell'amore
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