Il labirinto e l'intrico dei viottoli

Verklärte Nacht di Arnold Schönberg

Verklärte Nacht is an early work, a composition full of impetus and strength in which the stylistic acquisitions, much used in themselves but new for the young Schönberg, have value once again and are burned in the process that takes place with their own use in composition. Paradoxically, however, these aspects coexist with what might seem at first sight to be their opposite: the value of summa and conclusion of an era, a value that would more easily be assigned to mature compositions by authors who have lived through the transformations of an era. One of the most beautiful ways in which the musical nineteenth century closes is the dizzying summary (which is a tribute and a dissolution at the same time) that Schönberg makes of it in Verklärte Nacht.

Alessandro Maria Carnelli
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Labyrinth und Irrwege
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