La fin de la Chrétienté

The future of the West is pagan. We are in a decline from exhaustion, barbarism and cancel culture. Sixteen centuries of Christianity are coming to an end and today we are witnessing a normative and philosophical inversion that ushers in a new era; an era that will not be atheistic or nihilistic, as many believe, but pagan. Christianity has run out of time making room for new religions, for a polytheism that venerates trees, earth, whales. The transition is brutal, difficult for the defenders of an endangered era to accept. Should we regret the past times when divorce was prohibited as was girls' higher education? Are we to live in the hope that Christianity will rise from its ashes and assert its moral strength? Anyone who lives in this melancholic nostalgia has already been erased from a world that, for better or for worse, has now changed radically. The great Pan is back. Christianity has to invent another way to survive. That of the simple witness. Of God's secret agent.

Chantal Delsol
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Cantagalli (2022)
With the title:
La fine della cristianità e il ritorno del paganesimo
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