L'Afrique et le monde

A world history of Africa, an African history of the world. By bringing to light the dialogue that societies on the continent have always had with the rest of the world, from Lucy to Black Lives Matter, this book launches a double challenge. Not only does Africa have a history, but - sometimes despite itself - it has been at the center of world events, from Ancient Egypt to the world wars, from the trafficking of gold and ivory to the exploitation of coltan and cobalt.

To overcome the cultural stereotypes of the "cradle of humanity", of the reservoir of millions of men chained in slave ships, François-Xavier Fauvelle and Anne Lafont orchestrate the contributions of authors who tell of an Africa that fully participates in the formation of contemporary civilization. Under the lens of art, nature, religions, resistances and diasporas, a continent in movement is made up from which cultures, economies and aesthetics have never stopped radiating. Reconnecting these stories, one chapter after another, builds the new history between Africa and the world, from antiquity to the future.

François-Xavier Fauvelle, Anne Lafont
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Add (2024)
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L'Africa e il mondo
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