Giulio Cesare

Born into a noble family but with limited resources, related to Gaius Marius, the hero of the Roman Democrats, Caesar was the protagonist of a lightning political career: Pontifex Maximus, consul and proconsul of Cisalpine Gaul, conqueror of all Gauls, in 48 BC he invaded Italy forcing Pompeus to flee and proclaimed himself the first dictator and finally dictator for life. Four years later, on March of 44 BC, he was stabbed to death by the conspirators led by Brutus and Cassius.
Julius Caesar is a key figure in the history of Rome: his story ended the Republic, his violent death opened the way to the principate. In any case his passage overwhelmed and profoundly changed the political, social and cultural structures of ancient Rome.

Augusto Fraschetti
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Reclam (2015)
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