Atlante storico del Concilio Vaticano II

While the generation that made the Vatican II goes down slowly from the horizon of time, this historical atlas directed by Alberto Melloni resume sources, moments, problems of the Council and documents its value with the tools of the historians. Born from archival research, from editions of sources, from books and from the work of the members of the Foundation for Religious Studies in Bologna, the Atlas keeps the size of the event of Vatican II,and shows that once again the historical research is important to prevent that a council became only a repertoire for empty quotations and improbable theological acrobatics. Through vintage images and maps, drawings, tables, illustrative graphs created specifically for this publication, the book traces the historical crossroads of the Council's process; technical focus about the transformations of the classroom, about voting systems and its participants (governing boards, commissions, bishops, religious orders, experts, observers, media) document the daily unfolding of an event of extraordinary importance.

Alberto Melloni (a cura di)
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Pax (2015)
With the title:
Atlas Historyczny Soboru WatykaƄskiego II
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