Analisi dell'esperienza comune

In this work Capograssi implements for the first time his method of attention to the concrete world of individuals, making explicit the need to lean on Husserl's request to return to things; his initial question is very simple: what is the experience that each one test in order to realize himself and his relationship with the others for a human life? The work critics in this respect the limits of systematic philosophies which deprive things of the richness and the variety of concrete existence. How Opocher writes: "His philosophy arises from its unique ability to be no more above but at the heart of human history".

In this pioneering book are described in a decisive way the ties that entertains the experience with the law, the moral law, the ethics, the state - with everything that keeps men at the same time in line with the aspirations of consciousness and in face to the evil that hinders the action of its principle. This analysis casts a new light on how the man tries to realize his humanity, in a special way the legal experience, clarified in its dimensions in essential pages about the contract, the ownership or the judgment.
Giuseppe Capograssi
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Analyse de l'expérience commune
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